I am the co-founder of the PAA and the creator of the MavaCraft Modpacks. I'm just an Immortal Vampire Robot trying to live life in this crazy world! If you are looking for the best community family around, you have come to the right place! The PAA (Passively Aggressive Assassins) have been around now for over 3 years, and we have no plan on stopping. So grab your bread, butter, toast, jelly and jam and jump on board this hype train! If you like RP: Join us for our Changeling: The Lost sessions every Sunday! I enjoy a wide range of games including Overwatch, FortNite, PubG, Minecraft and more! The 20th of every month we celebrate our very own PAA Holiday: ZOMBIE PIZZA DAY!! Grab your pizza and gear up as we eat and kill together! Never forget you have the ability to be a Super Hero. Turn that pain into power and stand the line!

 Monday: 1 - 4 PM EST

Tuesday: 2 - 10 PM EST

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 2 - 10 PM EST

Friday: 1 - 4 PM EST

Saturday: 2 - 10 PM EST

Sunday: 2 - 10 PM EST

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Quotes about Mavadosey

"Mav is the best person to get to know. Not only is she an awesome interactive streamer, she a person who can make you feel part of the family. She's also incredibly nice. She takes the time to  talk to someone about their pain and helps them turn it into power. She is a big role model and positive influence in our lives" - Miche

"Honestly, one of the best people I know. She puts her heart and soul into this community. She's an amazing friend too. She has helped us all through very hard times, she taught me how to turn the pain into power and stand the line. I've learned a lot from her as well. She's an amazing role model, she's the best influence I have." - UnicornPotatoGod

 "Imagine the stream as your living room, and everyone in chat is sitting on the sofa playing some game's and shooting the shit. That's Mav's stream." - Canadien_Ehhh