We're Fineeeeee


"It's me, it's me...SLIPPERY PUDDIN

The Creator of the PAA 

Mixer Streamer, Voice Actor, Local Heartthrob, Angsty Teen Idol, and All Around Good Cook!"

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- Access to Sub Only Servers for various games

-In rotation to play games on stream 

- Access to the Sub Discord chat and text rooms

- After stream Movies in Rabbit

- WWE Character creation

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Quotes About Slips


"He may be pretty but he sure is dumb" - Red


"I've only been in the community for about 6 months and slops has made a huge impact on my life already. He's kinda like the uncle I always dreamed of having but never had. He's a goofball and will mess around with you but if you need a shoulder to lean on, He's right there. " - UnicornPotatoGod


"Slips is one of the best streamers I seen, I been watching him for years and he never disappoints with his entertainment and gameplay." - BZ